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Follow Your Fit

Bob Sprung is a college consultant who carefully guides students and parents during the college planning process. He offers one-on-one personal counseling on essay review, meeting deadlines, personalized college lists, and application completion which encourages students to reflect on college choices that will allow for personal fulfillment and professional growth.

College Planning, Financial planning, SAT/ACT prep

Is the college application process really such a mystery? 

What are colleges looking for in an application? 
Why do college costs often vary so greatly from one student to the next? 

The unfortunate answer to so many questions such as these is - "it depends." Bob will help families better understand some of these complexities while helping to guide them through the college search and application process.


The college search is unique to every individual. Yet, common to all, is the importance of careful planning and meeting deadlines.

The better the planning, particularly during the junior year, the better prepared the student will be - and less stressed – when college applications become available entering the senior year.

Some families may wish to seek extra guidance after school hours and during summers in which case an independent consultant can prove helpful. The amount of guidance sought by families over the course of the high school career can vary by family.

I provide a free, initial, consultation to discuss my services and learn more about the wants and needs of the student and family.

Why Bob?

  • He has been working with college bound students for nearly 25 years as a college admission representative, high school college counselor and independent consultant. 

  • He understands the importance for students to properly prepare for the college search and application process during their high school years.

  • He helps reduce stress and pressure from friends, family and - most importantly - from within.